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Nasal Spray Plus is designed to get at those hard to reach places such as the ears nose and throat.

Common complaints such as, coughs, colds and ear infections may be caused by bacteria or viruses. In the case of ear infections fungus is often to blame.

HealthWest ENT delivers a spray of positively charged silver ions, oxygen and distilled water.


Nasal Spray Plus contains only pure water, oxygen, and charged silver ions and does not contain any nanoparticles (metal colloids), fillers, stabilisers or chemicals of any sort.

Most disease-causing microorganisms are very sensitive to oxygen and cannot survive in its presence. Positively charged silver ions work by disrupting the ability of the microbe to conduct electricity and communicate with itself.

How does HealthWest Nasal Spray Plus work?

Microbial cells have a sophisticated internal electrical system that they use in all of their life processes.

Silver ions have the ability to disrupt this process and to prevent these micro-organisms from conducting electricity, which makes them unable to function or replicate and so they collapse and die.

The fact that silver ions are effective against a very broad range of Micro-organisms is well established and due to recent advances in the delivery of silver ions, together with the problems associated with antibiotics, they are being used in a rapidly growing range of dietary-supplement and medical products, and when combined with singlet oxygen this effect is dramatically multiplied.


In keeping with government health guidelines no therapeutic claims are made and no medical advice is offered. If you have a health problem we recommend seeking medical advice from your qualified health professional. This information is strictly a source of general information and is not intended for use as a tool for self-diagnosis.

HealthWest Nasal Spray Plus

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