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Black Sesame oil, regarded in India as the ‘Queen of Oils’, is a versatile oil which can be used in cooking and for skin and hair-care. Nature’s Shield black sesame oil is wild-crafted and sustainable and is cold-press extracted, for preservation of its natural qualities.

  • A staple ingredient in Asian cooking and Ayurvedic medicine, black sesame seed oil is an amazing kitchen cure. Nature’s Shields cold pressed black sesame seed oil has endless applications.
  • Richer in calcium and magnesium than milk, it strengthens your bones, teeth and nails.
  • It’s antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substances sesamin and sesamolin lower cholesterol thus reducing atherosclerosis and heart disease. A 2006 study in the Yale Journal of Biological Medicine showed that sesame seed oil reduces blood pressure due to its peptides that act as angiotensin I-converting enzyme inhibitors.
  • Sesame’slignans also protect against DNA damage caused by radiation. Hence black sesame oil on our skin or internally can counter high exposure to electromagnetic energy such as screens emit.
  • This powerful seed protects us from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays thus preventing pigmentation and wrinkles.
  • Rubbed on a baby’s bottom it provides a barrier against nappy rash and dry skin. Similarly it gives a soothing shield when applied before swimming in chlorine or dealing with dry, cold weather.
  • Traditionally used to massage babies daily it proved to improve a baby’s growth and post-massage sleep more than other oils according to a study published in the Indian Journal of Medical Research in 2000.
  • The copper content in black sesame seeds can prevent and relieve arthritis. Black sesame seed oil’s high iron also alleviates anaemia.
  • This super seed is proposed to counter cancer as it has the highest phytosterol content of all nuts and seeds.
  • Swilling sesame oil around your mouth is an ancient technique to improve teeth and gums. Clinical research now confirms that it compares favorably to chemical mouthwash chlorhexidine in improving plaque-induced gingivitis and that it’s capable growth associated with oral plaque formation.
  • Smear sesame oil around your nostrils to ease allergies.
  • Sesame seed is a superfood that increases longevity with its free radical scavenging action found to be twenty times more powerful than melatonin.
  • Savor this time-treasured seed as it was through history. In ancient Egypt it was noted in the Ebers scrolls as a favorite medicine. Ancient Babylonian women consumed sesame and honey halva for beauty and Roman soldiers ate it for energy. Sesame was worth its weight in gold in the middle ages. Today we’re lucky to enjoy this affordable elixir with unbeatable benefits.

100% Wild Crafted Black Sesame Oil - 500ml

  • 100% Natural Black Sesame Seed Oil

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