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soothe me baby provides relief from colic, stomach pains, nausea, bloating, wind, indigestion and gastrointestinal problems while helping to promote sleep in infants and children.

The active ingredient in soothe me baby, organic Pimpinella anisum acts as a gastrointestinal relaxant helping to eliminate and expel unwanted gases trapped in the stomach, soothe me baby also improves digestion and is a natural option for infants and children to cure digestive problems.

soothe me baby is approved by the Australian Government Department of Health, AUST L 286 802. Completely prepared, packed and individually sealed for every parent’s convenience, you can rest assured knowing that your child’s discomfort can be taken care of.

Soothe Me Baby

  • Active Ingredient

    The active ingredient in soothe me baby, organic Pimpinella anisum acts as a gastrointestinal relaxant helping to eliminate and expel gas, it also promotes healthy digestion and relaxation.

    Since ancient times anise plant has been used as a medicinal plant, as a spice and food. The first historical reference appears in the year 1550 A.C in the famous Egyptian papyruses of Ebbers, it is considered to be one of first treaties of medicinal plants.

    Anise, a native to the eastern Mediterranean, is one of the oldest known spice plant and is a member of the Apiaceae family, which includes carrot, parsley, dill, fennel, coriander, cumin, and caraway.

    Anise tea is made with anise seeds derived from the plant Pimpinella anisum. Anise seed is one of the commonly used herbal remedies in different parts of the globe, especially the Middle-East.

    The herbal remedies derived from the seeds of the anise are commonly used with infants and children for its ability to bring about a reduction in gas and bloating affecting a person. It also helps to induce relief from cases of colic, wind, indigestion, stomach pains, bloating and symptoms associated with gastrointestinal problems.


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